This was a functioning school in 2012 but desks and supplies have been sold off or given away. The buildings remain and furnishings in the office administration area are still there. There are some AC units. In the Administration wing there is an air conditioned conference room, a cashier’s area, a receptionists desk, 5 private offices, an infirmary, a bathroom, and a large supply room.
There are 3 class rooms for young children and kindergarten age with 3 bathrooms for boys and 3 for girls with a play ground area in the center.
There are 6 primary class rooms with air conditioning each 42 cubic meters with 3 bathrooms for boys and 3 for girls. There are 3 secondary class rooms of 40 cubic meters with air conditioning. There are 3 bathrooms for boys and 3 for girls. There is a computer room with air conditioning, a teachers office with bathroom. There is a laboratory for science classes with installation of water, gas, and electricity. There are 2 preparatory classrooms of 42 m2 and 3 other smaller classrooms. There is small teachers room all with air conditioning.


30 Av. known as Pedro Joaquin Coldwell on Calle 31 Sur entre 25 y 30 Av.


$485,000.00 USD

There is a basketball court 952 m2 with plans to cover this entire area from the sun and rain. (See plans)
There is a 26 m x 6 m = 156 m2 (87 ft. x 20 ft. = 1,740 s.f.) area for pre-schoolers basketball
There is a fenced area of 34 m x 32 m = 1088 m2 (114 ft. x 108 ft. = 12,257 s.f.) football/soccer games and basketball games with grand stands for 100 people to watch.
There is also an area to grow vegetables and herbs or build a pool. The kitchen is a low wall of tiled concrete and the cafeteria is outdoors with frames to cover with loans to protect against the rain. This area is 25 m x 10 m = 250 m2 (84 x 34 ft. = 2,822 s.f.)
The school cost $20,856,400 pesos to build ($2,085,640 USD at the time) and is now listed for an incredible $8,000,000 pesos ($485,000 USD approximately). This building and all of the facilities could be used for many businesses such as medical tourism, city offices, another school, a nursing home, drug treatment facility, Seminary for priests, Art school, church, Chiropratic clinic, a Rejuvenation Center, many uses for a phenomenal price!


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